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BDV 2327

1. Tower of Song
2. Stone Cold mp3
3. Go Tell
4. Night Talking
5. You Draw the Line mp3
6. Concepta
7. All I Really Want To Do
8. The Intellectual Engineer
9. How Deep is the Ocean
Hell Hath no Fury

Christine Tobin - voice, Phil Robson - guitar, Liam Noble - piano, Jeremy brown - bass, Chris Higginbottom/ Steve Arguelles - drums.

Album named as one of "1000 Albums to
Hear Before You Die" in The Guardian in November 2007

On singer-songwriter Tobin's new album You Draw the Line, her fifth album for the label, she directs her highly personal vocal to a set of dynamic mainly self-penned songs and revitalised covers of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan from her unique jazz-hued singer/songwriter perspective. By creating new material within a broad structure of what contemporary vocal jazz means today, Tobin emerges as an earthy, expressive singer and composer taking her place alongside other jazz crossover artists such as Joni Mitchell and Cassandra Wilson. She has replaced the first Great American songbook on her previous album in 2000 Deep Song with two new standards not normally associated with traditional jazz singing. The Golden Age evergreens are gone, replaced by Cohen's Tower of Song, which acts as a manifesto of her artistic vision (from his 1988 comeback album I'm Your Man), and Dylan's All I Really Want To Do. Her band consists of a strong British contingent of sensitive, much-lauded regular guitarist Phil Robson, bassist Jeremy Brown, drummers Chris Higginbottom and Steve Argüelles, and the vital addition of bright, refreshingly inventive pianist Liam Noble. The CD cover design is by Gee Vaucher, of the (in)famous Crass Collective.


Christine Tobin You Draw The Line
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"You Draw The Line is about Tobin setting her own philosophical agenda and crafting a personal creative lexicon that shakes those horribly glit terms such as traditon, modernity and post-modernity into a heady cocktail of originality"
Kevin Le Gendre, Music Week

"Christine Tobin is inspiring on her own material. But she is in a class of her own singing
Leonard Cohen "

John L Walters

"A fascinating performer, somewhat remote from the jazz mainstream, but entirely in the spirit of
the music "

Penguin Guide to Jazz

"Other singers will study Tobin's songs for inspiration or new material: you can imagine
a roots type-performer having fun with Go-Tell
and a jazz group strething out on the McCoy Tyner-inspired Stone Cold. An th poetry Tobin reads - including work by Paul Muldoon, Eva Salzman and Don Patrson - appears to inform
her intelligent approach to lyric-writing
and interpretation."

The Guardian

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