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Christine Tobin Secret Life Of A Girl
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BDV 9820

1. House of Women mp3
2. Story Of Isaac
3. The Invisible Thread
4. Acts Of Obscenity
5. Echoes
6. Seneca
7. Lovin' Kind
8. Love-Lies-Bleeding
9. Ooh! Salamander
Morro Velho mp3
11. Hey Joe

Christine Tobin - voice, Paul Clarvis - drums & percussion, Huw Warren - piano, Mike Pickering - drums, Phil Robson - guitar, Steve Watts - bass.

Another singer more than capable of rising to huge challenges is Christine Tobin, whose “House Of Women” (Babel BDV9820) confirms her as one of the most creative vocalists on the contemporary scene.

Several of the tracks here are original compositions by Christine, and on some of the others she has added lyrics to intriguing pieces like John Scofield’s “Lovin’ Kind” and Julian Arguelles’ “The Invisible Thread”. Support is provided by drummer Paul Clarvis, Steve Watts
on bass, guitarist Phil Robson – who responds wonderfully to the unfolding lines – and pianist Huw Warren adds his authority to four tracks. In such company, it’s not surprising that Christine Tobin carries the whole thing off in the manner
of a great instrumental soloist.
Jazz UK Magazine

Christine Tobin House OF Women
Tapestry Unravelled
2010 - Trail Belle Records
Secret Life of a Girl
2008 - Babel
Romance and Revolution
2004 - Babel
You Draw The Line
2003 - Babel
Yell Of The Gazelle
1996 - Babel
House of Women
1998 - Babel
1995 - Babel
Deep Song
2000 - Babel

“Forthright, self revelatory, eclectic and experimental”
John Fordham

“A haunting collection of songs, mainly her own compositions, from a singer blessed with a voice that never fails to cause a tingle, and sometimes a shiver. It is not conventionally beautiful, but its cool directness cuts through all defences.”
The Observer, UK

“Definitely one of the country’s very finest musicians, Christine Tobin writes her own material and adapts music from sources as varied as Duke Ellington and Leonard Cohen, and she has a direct unpretentious approach to the jazz vocalist’s art. She appears here with guitarist Phil Robson, pianist/accordionist Huw Warren, bassist Steve Watts and drummer Mike Pickering to launch her latest release for the innovative
Babel label, called “House Of Women”.”

Time Out (preview for CD launch)

“Certainly the most original singer in British jazz.”
Birmingham Post



Christine Tobin House Of Women
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