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BDV 2875

1. Little Girl Blue
2. You Go to my Head
3. I Can't Get Started
4. Just your Friend mp3
5. Brother can you Spare a Dime
6. Just One of those Things
7. Ritual
8. Rags and Old Iron
9. How Deep is the Ocean
Deep Song

Christine Tobin - voice, Phil Robson - guitar, Peter Herbert - bass, Billy Hart - drums, Mark Turner - tenor & saxophone.

Without doubt Christine Tobin, on her fourth CD for Babel, justifies her descriptions both as
“the true heir of Ella” (Jazz Podium) and shows her "matchless voice." (Chris Parker, The Times). The CD was CD of the Week in the Evening Standard and CD of the month in the August issue of BBC Music Magazine.

Recorded in New York, it shows a different side of Tobin's abilities as arranger and interpreter, by focussing mainly on arrangements of standards and covers such as "Just One Of Those Things" and "Little Girl Blue". Dedicated to the memories of Betty Carter and Billie Holiday, melodies are also plucked from the repertoires of the likes of Nina Simone and Sheila Horn.

The title track itself is one of Holiday's most heart-rending melodies. Fans of Tobin's own writing will not be disappointed by two new tunes. The band is exactly the line-up to give great music and lyrics a certain freshness appropriate to the new century. The legendary Billy Hart is Christine's favourite drummer, while the rest of the line-up includes award-winning guitarist Phil Robson (also co-arranger of the music) and bassist Peter Herbert. Rising star saxophonist Mark Turner guests on several tracks.



Christine Tobin Deep Song
Tapestry Unravelled
2010 - Trail Belle Records
Secret Life of a Girl
2008 - Babel
Romance and Revolution
2004 - Babel
You Draw The Line
2003 - Babel
Yell Of The Gazelle
1996 - Babel
House of Women
1998 - Babel
1995 - Babel
Deep Song
2000 - Babel

"Not just her best album but one of the finest vocal jazz collections in years."
John Lewis, Time Out

"One of the most gifted and original singer/songwriters in today's jazz world"
Ian Carr, BBC Music Magazine

"Tobin's range and control precisely serve her materials….she gracefully balances simplicity with her ability to improvise and swing."
John Fordham, Guardian

"Great timing is a gift given to few and one that Tobin possesses, along with an exciting tendency to take the darker path."
Mike Bradley, The Times

"It is tempting to try and categorize musicians and singers. Jazz is in its 2nd century and there are
so many references on disc. Sure, I can hear little phrases in Christine Tobin's work that remind me of other singers. But I accept that as inevitable.
But what draws me to her is her sound. Her voice is unique and she seems to have carved a little niche of her own. No mean feat in today's Jazz scene. I really like what she does and I find
myself listening to what she says I'm reminded that the voice is the primary source of all music. She has a great instrument in her and I'm intrigued by what she might do next. I hope she keeps it simple and pure."

Mike Figgis, Film director


Christine Tobin Deep Song
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